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Despite the rapidly growing popularity of hedge fund investments, the industry still suffers from great misunderstanding and traditional speculation. Hedge fund risk management and portfolio valuation present, probably, the most contradictory area of alternative investments, because of the difficulty in formalization, complexity of the core analytical models and low asset transparency.

While large institutional hedge fund investors can potentially afford their own research and application development, small-to-medium firms face a challenging task - either employ common risk frameworks, which are hardly applicable to hedge funds, or outsource risk and/or portfolio management to third parties. Quant Group provides a feasible yet comprehensive solution by delivering an institutional grade platform at affordable cost.

The mission of Quant Group is to deliver the sophisticated risk management and investment process frameworks, analytical models and software applications to a broad audience of hedge fund investors world-wide. Conducting extensive in-house research and analyzing the latest investment practices in the industry, we are committed also to provide educating and training services to hedge fund practitioners.