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The screening component (Fund Manager Search Tool) offers a broad selection of quantitative and qualitative filters to search managers with desired risk-return statistics. It also incorporates the wallet pane with up to five simultaneously opened wallet holders. Such layout makes creating unlimited subsets of the hedge fund universe an easy task, thus greatly facilitating a hedge fund due diligence work-flow. Going beyond the traditional metric-based screening frameworks, Quant Screen offers a revolutionary concept of Macroeconomic Scenario Screening™. This approach takes into account not only common performance risk and return statistics, but also a diverse manager performance under different Macroeconomic Scenarios. Quant Scenario Builder includes thousands of economic factors, thus providing an unlimited choice of "what-if" models.

All-in-one Layout

With the integrated filter, wallet and qualitative panes you can stay in the same window when performing complex fund searches over several criteria. Set up screening filters, run the search routine, get a quick qualitative snapshot and add selected instruments in wallets.

Filters With Slider Controls

The Filter pane is organized as a multi-tab panel with various risk-return profile selectors. Adding complex filters has never been so easy: just drag a metric slider and tick its checkbox. Available filters include quantitative risk and return statistics, strategies, AUM, factor-dependent statistics (beta and alpha family) and many more.

Integrated Wallet Pane

The Wallet pane provides an intuitive yet feature-rich interface for constructing sub-sets of the hedge fund universe. You may work with up to five wallets simultaneously, add comments to the underlying instruments, and assign status flags. Share saved manager groups with your colleagues, upload wallets to your CRM or instantly convert a wallet into a multi-manager portfolio. Facilitate your hedge fund due diligence work-flow!