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The Peer Group Analysis component is a new addition to the Quant line. Designed by fund managers for fund managers and hedge fund investors, it is built on a powerful Quant Performance Analytics engine capable of comparing thousands of instruments over hundreds of risk-return statistics almost instantly.

Functionality + Performance

Perform correlation and/or beta analysis against thousands of peer funds within a few seconds. Compare peer positions against a broad range of statistics. Switch the "overall span" to the last 12 months period by a single mouse click.

Relative Rank Charts

The radar-type Relative Rank charts show ranks of the given instrument against its peers over a custom defined set of risk metrics. Similar to other charts of Quant Suite, these charts include animation and interactivity.


Click on any fund from the Correlation or Beta metrics panes and get its quantitative snapshot including benchmark comparative charts within a few seconds. This ensures an effective work-flow and saves time when evaluating hundreds of fund managers.