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Have you ever wanted to rank financial instruments based on your custom statistics and your own vision, which metrics are more important than others? Now you can easily do this with our new FlexiRank™ engine.

Unlimited custom metrics

FlexiRank™ metrics constructor offers an intuitive interface to build custom statistics comprising of up to five weighted metrics holders. Each metric holder could be assigned to one of the “common” statistics, ex. VaR, Sortino ratio or Maximum drawdown. Just define the metric holder names, set the “importance values” and click the analyze button. That’s it!

FlexiRank™ charts

FlexiRank™ radar charts offer a complete breakdown of aggregated metrics yet provide a deeper insight into managers' risk-return profiles. Interactive Flexi charts may depict either a relative metric position against peer group funds or absolute values of underlying statistics.

Metrics holders

Each FlexiRank™ metrics holder may be assigned to a broad range of risk-return statistics including the VaR derivatives and distribution parameters (like Skewness).