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Quant Suite special Morningstar edition offers a number of additional features and components utilizing the power of the comprehensive multi-dimensional databases of Morningstar, Inc.

Asset Allocation Snapshot

Get a deep insight into manager portfolios and analyze allocation breakdowns across various criteria: asset allocation, asset liquidity, credit quality, coupon range and many more. Build charts for the selected sector components.

Benchmark Builder

Build a custom index subset from over 2,200 available indices and benchmarks. Switch between standard and custom benchmark datasets by a single mouse click.

Automatic Database Updating

Check, if data updates are available and run an automatic database update routine.The online updates include Morningstar hedge fund databases, Quant Trend Segmenattion data, Beta metrics and indices (benchmrks).

Multi-manager Qualitative Information

Get the extra details of fund top staff (manager biography, education, degree and so on). With the special Morningstar edition you may browse through all the listed managers and principals.

Video Tutorials

Quant Suite Morningstar

Quant Suite Morningstar Edition. It covers the new features and components: additional qualitative details, asset allocation breakdown modules and Index Builder. Duration 4:37 min.

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