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At Quant Group, we understand the challenges faced by family offices when investing into alternative investment vehicles. While hedge fund allocations may greatly enhance investment portfolio risk-return profile, applying traditional asset allocation frameworks can effectively ruin your investment. Hedge fund investors should be aware of numerous problems like Inapplicability of the classic mean-variance methodology, biased hedge fund indices, low correlation of hedge funds with corresponding benchmarks, complexity of risk valuation models, multi-dimensional risk spectrums, non-transparent portfolio allocations and so on. Addressing these unique hedge fund problems requires special expertise, advanced tools and mathematical models. To help family offices in getting institutional-grade risk management and asset allocation frameworks at affordable costs we developed a special Quant Family Office Program (QFOP) that includes:

  • Special discounts for Quant Suite applications (call us for the details)
  • Free tailored courses and training covering all the angles of alternative investment and risk management*
  • Free consulting on as-needed basis (risk management, asset allocation, analytical models and due diligence on hedge funds)*
  • Regular family office webinars (check our current schedule here)
  • Free on-site or remote installation of Quant applications
  • Unlimited guided trials with a full access to 22,000+ alternative investment vehicles (contact us for details)

Quant Risk Group will not only offer you with comprehensive software solutions for hedge fund performance analysis, manager search and due diligence, and  fund of funds portfolio optimization, but also providea complete training and consulting services on as-needed basis.

*For the current Quant Suite customers only that qualify as family offices. Quant consulting services don’t constitute a recommendation or advice to purchase any investment products or securities.