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Taking a hedge fund investment process from the investment idea through completion starts with a creative vision and realized with a sophisticated set of tools and methods. Every step of the way, Quant delivers the most advanced solutions that empower investment professionals to achieve their goals.

Created by hedge fund experts and enriched by the latest industry studies Quant framework presents the complete concept & software bundle for hedge fund practitioners: manager risk valuation, performance & attribution analysis software, fund of fund optimization and many more.



Search fund managers. Selecting the best performers from the 8,000+ fund universe could be a challenging task. Quant offers a robust platform of multiple filtering criteria with a proprietary Trend Segmentation™ technique. It allows selecting funds that not only satisfy a given risk-return profile, but also match defined statistics over different market trends. Quant screening filters include hundreds of statistics, VaR derivatives and beta metrics to over 2,000 indices and benchmarks.


Fund risk analytics and performance attribution software. Common risk assessment methods based on the mean-variance framework are hardly applicable to hedge funds as their distributions of returns demonstrate a high extent of nonnormality. To address these problems Quant provides a complete set of alternative valuation techniques based on the distribution analysis, high moments and the VaR methodology. These techniques include, for example, calculating fund static metrics as well as best distribution fit metrics based on stochastic simulation, non-linear portfolio optimization, high moments, Omega analysis and many more.


Effective investment process workflow. Simply create a set of “fund folders” called wallets and save any selected funds for the further analysis. This way you can facilitate the fund of funds composition process and save your time. Quant Suite multi-feed edition also offers tools (Global Wallets) for creating a virtual fund universe that includes instruments from different data vendors.


Stochastic simulation and stress testing for investment funds. Incorporating the advanced Latin Hypercube simulation techniques Quant provides a powerful base for stress testing and sensitivity analysis. The system also incorporates “what-if” engine offering unlimited possibilities of generating multiple scenarios of economic environments.

Build portfolios

Asset allocation, portfolio construction and optimization software, specially designed for hedge funds. Finding the optimal asset allocation is not a simple task, especially, when it comes to hedge funds. Quant optimization routine powered by the latest non-linear optimization and genetic optimization algorithms ensures not only the best possible asset combination, but also helps constructing market neutral or trend-dependent portfolios.

Conduct due diligence

Sophisticated manager due diligence framework. Quant framework offers one of the most advanced due diligence methodologies for hedge funds. It not only integrates both qualitative and quantitative elements, but also takes into account all applicable risks: market, credit, concentration, liquidity, strategy, volatility, operational, legal and fraud risks.

Stay on the front line

Latest research and studies. Combining the latest studies with the best hedge fund industry practices, Quant methodology assures the most effective yet advanced solutions currently available. When adding new models we conduct thousands of tests analyzing their consistency and potential drawbacks. Many of the existing Quant components have been designed following the real feedbacks and requests of hedge fund managers.